Are you the pilot... I'M S.A.F.E. to fly? by Lou DiVentura CFI
Checklists · 24. February 2021
So the FAA now recommends that all instructors teach the "IMSAFE" checklist at the beginning stages of training so as to instill a regular habit of pilots analyzing themselves mentally and physically before they even step foot into the plane, thus in doing so you help to identify and reduce the risks associated with flying. The FAA states that if you have two or more of these issues then you should ground yourself and call it a "NO GO".

Checklists · 03. February 2021
CGUMPS Checklist: A memory aid that we instructors use to help mitigate the risks associated with flying.

Checklists · 20. August 2015
Understanding how is as important as actually doing it By Ray Heyde Did you preflight? This is a question flight instructors ask students countless times every day. A better question might be, "Do you understand how to preflight?" A student once told me during a preflight that the "dark oil" on the brake cylinder was not brake fluid, because "5606 brake fluid is bright red." What the pilot didn't realize is that the oil is not going to be bright red after a few hours of use, especially when...