Pilot Flight Review CFR 61.56 in New Jersey

AOPA Pilot Resources Article :


Formerly known as a biennial flight review, or BFR for short, questions about the flight review continue to confuse pilots. Simply put, you cannot act as pilot in command without a current flight review endorsement (with the exception of a student pilot on a solo flight with proper endorsements). This subject report addresses the requirements and expectations for the flight review.


To act as pilot in command, pilots must complete a flight review every 24 calendar months. A calendar month means that the endorsement runs to the end of the 24th month. For example, if your flight review endorsement is dated March 15, 2013, you have 24 calendar months, or until March 31, 2015, to receive your next flight review. The logbook endorsement must be specifically for a flight review.  Advisory Circular 61-65H suggests using this wording:


Completion of a flight review: § 61.56(a) and (c). No logbook entry reflecting unsatisfactory performance on a flight review is required.


I certify that [First name, MI, Last name], [grade of pilot certificate], [certificate number], has satisfactorily completed a flight review of § 61.56(a) on [date]

S/S [date] Instructor's name, certificate number and date of expiration.


No logbook endorsement is required for an unsatisfactory performance of a flight review. The flight time may be logged as training time received from an instructor.

" Lou is a great instructor!  He is very articulate, extremely knowledgeable, a very skilled pilot and most importantly, is very in tune with my needs as a pilot." - Ryan T. Krill Private Pilot Flight Review 3/8/2015