Learn to Fly Airplanes in New Jersey. Airplane Flight Instruction from Philadelphia, to Atlantic City, to Cape May.

Lou DiVentura CFI Flying Since 1989


My name is Lou DiVentura and I am a FAA Certified Airplane Flight Instructor based in New Jersey at the Atlantic City Airport. I received my private pilot license in 1989 at the Flying W Airport in Medford, NJ, since then I have attained my instrument rating, commercial certificate, seaplane rating, tail wheel endorsement, complex endorsement, high performance endorsement, and flight instructor certificate for single engine airplanes. I currently reside in Linwood, NJ and I am an active member of AOPA and NAFI.


I can provide for you detailed airplane flight instruction so that you become a safe and proficient Private or Commercial pilot. If you need to transition to a complex airplane, I can tailor a thorough program to ease you into the transition. The FAA mandates that all pilots maintain proficiency through a Flight Review CFR 61.56. I will provide for you the needed 1 hour of ground training and 1 hour of airplane flight instruction at the Atlantic City Airport. The Flight Review will include current general operating and flight rules of CFR part 91. 


 As a FAA certified airplane flight instructor my philosophy is quite simple. I will train my students so that they will be familiar with the new Airmans Certification Standards mandated by the FAA. During our flight lessons, I will help my students learn by providing for them a training syllabus tailored to their specific needs. I will emphasize the positives of flying by providing my students with a safe and comfortable environment on the ground and in the air. I will minimize my students frustrations by being there for them during training. Since I am a life long instructor, and training is expensive, I will provide adequate airplane flight instruction and flight reviews.

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