Are you the pilot... I'M S.A.F.E. to fly? by Lou DiVentura CFI
Checklists · 24. February 2021
So the FAA now recommends that all instructors teach the "IMSAFE" checklist at the beginning stages of training so as to instill a regular habit of pilots analyzing themselves mentally and physically before they even step foot into the plane, thus in doing so you help to identify and reduce the risks associated with flying. The FAA states that if you have two or more of these issues then you should ground yourself and call it a "NO GO".

Checklists · 03. February 2021
CGUMPS Checklist: A memory aid that we instructors use to help mitigate the risks associated with flying.

Student Michael Tartaglio

Student Tom Pohlman
Student Pilots · 24. March 2019
Mitigating some risks for LOC (Loss of Control) by simulating IMC. In this picture Tom was doing a SBT scenario where he was told that he would enter IMC conditions around 1500 MSL after departing KACY on his way to VCN, knowing that the weather was VFR over at Millville (KMIV).

Student Pilots · 07. February 2019
During preflight its imperative that pilots check the engine oil which is a liquid material that lubricates the internal parts of the airplanes engine.

Student Pilots · 29. January 2019
Chris doing his Preflight prior to today's flight. Today's lesson: The 4 Fundamentals of flying, Straight and Level, Climbs, Turns and Descents. We will also be introducing pattern work. We check our fuel clarity for water, sediments and correct color for 100 LL.

Student Chris Warren
Student Pilots · 23. January 2019
My student Chris doing his preflight on a cold January 2019 morning...."Lou I'd rather be in Hawaii"

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