Discovery Flight in New Jersey

Take a Discovery Flight, this flight will give you the insight of what a pilot really does before they venture out into the air. On this Discovery Flight I will walk you through the steps to create a safe and uneventful flight, from obtaining a weather briefing, preflighting the aircraft, starting the engine, setting up the radios and equipment, to taxiing, and you will be at the controls during a normal takeoff out of Atlantic City International Airport. Once we are in the air, I will make it my job to make you feel comfortable as can be. Our flight will consist of you at the controls for some shallow turns, and a great birds eye view of Mother earth below us. After a short flight, we will return and land at our departure airport. Hopefully, this flight will change your life and you will want to begin training to become a private pilot. 

" Discovery Flight Video "

This short video will give you an idea of how the Discovery Flight day will go.

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"My Discovery Flight Students"

Student Alex Berlin 3/5/14

A happy Blake Donovan after taking his Discovery Flight. 4/11/14


" I had a great experience for a first time flyer and even greater customer service and instructor. Keep up the good work Sky Ventures". - Blake


"I wanted to thank you for the great flying experience I had yesterday . Thank you for your time and your patience , I loved every minute of it !! It was the best birthday gift ever!! I can't wait to do it again next time. I hope I wasn't so much trouble for you -:) LOL Thanks again I hope you're having a great day".  6/8/14


,** J A C K . H . **,

"I came to Lou to help work towards becoming a Private Pilot. Lou was extremely good at identifying where I needed work and guiding me to a solution. He also went the extra mile to explain how I could do a better job demonstrating skills that I have learned so that I can ultimately exceed the expectations of an FAA Examiner. I will would recommend Lou to anyone who wants to take the next step in their pursuit of aviation". - Liam Oliver   6/16/14

I just wanted to say that it was great to fly with William Kovach on July 23. 2014. His daughter Tracy and son-in-law Jack purchased him an Aerial Skyventures Gift Certificate for a Discovery Flight. Bill great job today, I was very impressed - Lou DiVentura 

"Lou and I flew a 1.5 Hobbs intro/checkout flight to rent out of KOBI after an hour of groundschool" "Lou is a great instructor, I learned a lot about the specific aircraft, the local airspace, and it was pure fun!"    7/14/14


Jeff Sanders, PhD, MEd

Professor of Physics, Private Pilot

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

ERAU employee Eagle Flying Club


A Happy Joe Reuben, after his Discovery Flight on 8/19/14. Joe has decided that he would like to obtain his Private Pilots License with me at Aerial Skyventures, in Woodbine NJ. Great job at the controls Joe !!!  8/19/14


"Working with Lou is very professional and pleasant.   The experience was very informative and extremely motivating.  I look forward to working with Lou in the future!"- Joe

"Lou is a great instructor. His love of flying is evident through his thorough and patient teaching. While he is quite serious about creating safe and efficient pilots, Lou also makes this a fun and memorable experience. If you are thinking about taking a lesson please do yourself a favor and take a lesson with Lou".- Rich Merrell  9/27/14

"Lou I found the Skyventure a completely enjoyable experience. Not only was it very informative, but it also gave me a different perspective on what really goes into the process of flying. Not as easy as I thought. LOL I think anyone who is looking for a fun day out, or even taking up flying as a serious endeavor should treat themselves to the aerial tour".

Diane 10/17/14

"My intro flight with Lou DiVentura was a terrific, and safe experience. I highly recommend anyone who can, pair up with Lou to have an introductory flight with him. He made my day". - Scott 10/27/14

"My Discovery Flight was amazing. It was a birthday present from my two children. The instructor, Lou was knowledgeable and very patient, he instilled confidence in me as I flew over my house. I would recommend this to anyone." Jim R 2/3/15

"Happy 70 th Dad !!!" From your son Raymond. A 35 minute Cessna Skyhawk 172 afternoon sightseeing flight down to Cape May, saw the Cape May light house and ferry. Piloted by Lou DiVentura CFI 4/25/15

"Lou, thank you so much for the video--we love it! We are definitely sharing with family and friends. Nick really enjoyed his time in the air with you. Thanks, again for everything!" Deb & Bob Avicolli 4/18/15

"I had a great time on my Discovery Flight with Lou. While it was NOT a flight lesson, it gave me the feel, and enough information and experience, to help me decide to go on with actual flight lessons. Lou was very conscientious and thorough. Our "Ground School" gave me the pre-flight information I needed to understand what we were about to do when we got in the plane and the pre-flight information that is needed. Once up, his tutelage was gentle, but firm, and I had a great time flying the plane a bit on my own. Helped me realize there is a lot more to it than driving a car, but it is doable."
Thanks, Lou! Had a great time! 5/2/15

"Wow!! What a great experience . If you are thinking of flying -- this the perfect start" - Regina Long 7/7/15

"Thanks Lou !!! The Discovery Flight was truly an amazing experience. I've always had my eyes glued to the sky, too timid to try flight, but this put those nerves at bay and made me really want a pilots license more than ever." - Kyle & Andrew 7/25/15

"Discovery Flight customer Mike Foster totally enjoyed his Discovery Flight so much that he has decided to train with me to obtain his Private Pilots License"- 9/4/15


"The Discovery Flight with Lou DiVentura was one of the coolest things I've ever experienced" -

Wil Torress 10/15/15

Brian Gordon from EHT, took the plunge and completed a Discovery Flight - 1/31/16  "Way to go Brian !!!"

" Lou, just wanted to thank you again for such a great flight yesterday. John is still in shock about his experience and we will always remember this birthday. You are a great instructor and thanks for giving John ( and me) so much good information and especially making us feel so welcome and comfortable. Holly✈✈✈✈✈" 4/6/16

Hey Lou, 

Thank you for the lovely email! 
It was truly wonderful flying with you. I’ve wanted to learn to fly since I was twelve years old so our trip up was very fulfilling. I appreciate all of the time you spent both on the ground and in the air answering my five hundred questions. I felt totally safe and knowledgeable of what was going on with the plane at all times which made the experience that much better! Thank you!!!!  - Jessica Hans 4/27/16


Karl was in town at Atlantic City for a business convention, he was able to take a day for himself to get some extra training from me at Woodbine Airport. "Karl congratulations again for obtaining your private pilots license this year, awesome job !" Lou 4/27/16

"Hi Lou. Yesterday was surprisingly calm and exhilarating. Thank you again!" Allison & Steve 8/19/16 Discovery Flight

Discovery Flight with Melany & Simon 9/10/16

Discovery Flight with Joe Saegar  10/25/16



Student Pilot Kevin Bradbury 9/12/16


Click on photo for Kevin's GoPro video of his solo flight. 


Discovery Flight:

A birthday gift from Ben's grand-mom.


"He had such a great time with you! Thanks for everything."

- Ben 7/26/17

Discovery Flight:


"Thanks for the pictures Lou. Flight was great, friends can't believe I did it. I never thought I'd fly a plane!" Make sure you tell my brother how great I Thanks again for the experience Lou"

- Vicky 9/13/17

Discovery Flight:


"Lou...What a great day! Thank you! Dom wants to move forward, please let me know what Dom's next move is to obtaining his Private Pilots License" 

- Joe & Domenic 9/17/17

Discovery Flight:


"Thanks Lou! That was great. Looking forward to more flights."   - Junie 6/11/17

"I had an amazing experience flying with Mr. DiVentura and can't wait for the next flight into the wild blue yonder." - Nick Schalek 1/16/18

Discovery Flight:


"Lou is a professional and conscientious instructor. I felt completely at ease the entire Discovery Flight and felt like he tailored the whole experience just for me.

10/10 would recommend!" - Chris McGuire 4/8/23

Discovery Flight:


"Hey Lou, just got home, I met up with Irene after I left the airport and we went to the Library for dinner. I just wanted to thank you ever so much for the wonderful day and the awesome flight. You are a very good pilot and enjoyed flying with you. Can't wait to do it again, probably one of the best days that I have had in a very long time. It was absolutely awesome and had a great time."  - Frank Fadigan 4/16/23